Alla Poppersoni, Screenshot von „AUTO-NOMIE“, Barcelona 2019

Alla Popp

Alla Popp is a digital media and performance artist with a Diploma in State Administration and Master of Science degree in Transition Studies from JLU Giessen. Born in Russia, she studied Digital Media and Performance at the University of Art and Design Offenbach, Germany. In her academic and artistic work Alla was a nominee and winner of various scholarships including Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe, Mosbach Stiftung, DAAD and STIBET, residencies in China, Greece, Japan and Rwanda. Her work is mainly focused on the emancipatory potentials of digital technology for the future of humanity at large. She is interested in promoting an awareness about its conscious utilisation and probable consequences of the contrary.

mit andpartnersincrime kollaborierte sie als Videodesignerin in den Projekten: ZWOFADOLEI, Wo stehst du?, Are you there. Frankfurt / Teheran und AUTO-NOMIE.