Wiesbaden Biennale


When ten people learn a poem by heart, there is no KGB, CIA or Gestapo that can do anything about it. The poem will survive.«

George Steiner

Leave the market square behind you. Walk through the huge wrought-iron gate. Cross the courtyard. Open the little door of the red-brick warehouse. Go up the creaky wooden stairs. Open the door to the loft. Wait … —

Two empty rooms, eight performers. Stored in their minds: literary fragments, books and documents. Knowledge they want to share with you, give you to read and pass on to you. Word for word, sentence by sentence. A growing hoard of stored knowledge, safe from wiretaps, traceless. Passed on from one person to another. — In the city of data, where the NSA, the German Credit Check Agency, the German Office of Criminal Investigation and the German Office of Statistics are all located, Tiago Rodrigues creates a secret library of poetic resistance.

Library is a production of Wiesbaden Biennale in coproduction with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

Director: Tiago Rodrigues

Dramaturg: Magda Bizarro

Stage Design: Thomas Walgrave


Eleonora Herder, Arthur Romanowski, Fabricio Belzoff, Christoph Weickenmeier, Elena Backhausen, Katharina Goebel, Thomas Bittel

Production: Rita Mendes